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The Exciting World of Adventure Sports

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When it comes to enjoying adventure sports, the important thing to remember is that you have great options, and that adventure sports offer the best when it comes to a really fun and exciting time. It’s all about stepping outside of yourself, and it’s all about experiencing something fun,

5 Surprises From the NFL’s Week 6

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Six weeks of NFL football have now come and gone, which means we’re already more than a third of the way through the season. And really, it’s been a fascinating season thus far. We have undefeated powerhouses, previously steady franchises struggling suddenly, and new stars emerging around the league.

A Brief History of Competitive Sports

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Humanity is a competitive species. Back before written history tribes competed for available resources, tribe members competed for their position as a chieftain, and children competed just for fun. In the thousands of years that have passed ever since these competitions have evolved into various games first played for

The Best and Healthiest Hobby Sports for Summer

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One of the things I love about summer is that the days are much longer, meaning that I can stay out and play until late in the evening. The weather close to nightfall is not that hot, and the sunshine is less harmful, so I love to spend time

Arsenal Upcoming Matches.. Don’t Miss Them

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Football lovers will rejoice when the red team will make it to the field. Football is the number one most popular sports in the world and there is no fact denying the role of the club leagues that are being followed by tons of fans across the world. Arsenal,

2015 Formula 1 World Championship

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The 2015 Formula One season has only just begun, but defending champion Lewis Hamilton is already an odds on favourite to successfully retain the crown following his victory in the Australian Grand Prix. Hamilton is currently a 1/3 chance over at to land the 2015 F1 Championship, and

Sports that Once Were Lethal

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Taking a look at the history of mankind will show you that us, humans, are an incredibly violent species. Since the dawn of time people were fighting and killing for a variety of reasons – resources, faith or pride. During our history, we have devised some incredibly creative ways

How Did Computer Games Become a Sport?

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If you take a look at the history of video games, you will see that they were a competitive activity right from the beginning. The first commercial video game – Pong – was a game inspired by table tennis, played by two players: one human and either another human,

7 Shooting Tips for Beginners

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Undoubtedly, guns today have become a necessary element for self defense. This weapon needs to be handled very carefully as a slight blunder can result in a great loss. In order to be more efficient and steadfast, you need to maintain it. The Magpul PMAG 30 is also one

Make Exercise Your New Year’s Resolution

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With 2015 just around the corner, it could be time to start thinking of positive changes that we could be making to our lives. Making new year’s resolutions aren’t anything new, but all too often we make resolutions that we can’t keep. Rather than going all out with resolutions